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Ann’s Birth Story – Baby Johanna Nicole, born March 13, 2004
Ann’s labour was much quicker than expected and she delivered a happy, healthy baby at home!

Yogaspace - Pregnancy Yoga - Birth Stories      The baby was born last night at 11:25 pm (March 13), 8 lbs, all is well. Name still to be confirmed.

      I started getting contractions around 8:45 pm. They were more significant than I had had up to then, so I thought this could be it, but they were short and erratic, so there seemed to be no hurry. As they became more significant around 10:30, I decided it may be time to think about things. Then at 10:45, my water broke. First call: to my brother to jump into a cab to come look after Ryan. Second to the midwife, to meet at the birthing centre.

      As I tried to get changed to go (I was a little wet), the contractions became "very intense" (understatement) and I started to wonder how the hell I did this last time and how I was going to make it through the night. When my brother arrived, I headed to the stairs and suddenly felt I was *pushing*. In the middle of the stairs, I announced that the midwife should be called asap and told to come *here*. I was pushing already and didn't plan on getting into the car. Still, last time I pushed for 3 hours, so fast as things were going, I still felt there was some time.

     As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I felt the baby *crown*. Tom freaked as I announced this, but I told him to be calm, to get over here, and to catch the baby!!! One more contraction and the baby was out. Luckily she cried right away, lungs were clear, no complications. (I was told later that when things go this fast, there rarely are breathing problems.) I lay down on the floor of the front hall and we waited 15-20 min. for the midwife to arrive...

     As for use of my yoga principles... I certainly made use of a lot of breathing and ujayyi, but there wasn't much time for toning!! As things got intense for me, I thought of a puppy position, but couldn't get myself there, so I managed to lean well over with my hands on the dresser- helped a bit.

     It's still quite a shock that I was able to have such a rapid birth like this - you hear stories, you just never believe you'll be one of them!!

(Read Tom's [Ann's husband] story of this birth)

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