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Cheryl’s Birth Story – Baby Oscar Thomas, born May 5, 2004
Cheryl emphasizes the importance of the self-trust and self-confidence in her delivery of baby Oscar by emergency caesarian delivery.

Yogaspace - Pregnancy Yoga - Birth Stories     I wanted to write to you and announce the arrival of our baby Oscar Thomas Roy. He was born in good health at 7.5 lbs at centre hospitalier LaSalle on May 5th.

     We wanted to thank you as well for the workshop that we had with you. After all of our preparation for the most natural birth that we could have, there were complications that arose that necessitated medical intervention, and eventually an emergency Caesarian after all other less invasive procedures had been attempted.

     While we (Charles and I) were able to use much of what we learned in your course for the first stage when I was still in natural labor, we felt that what was most useful was the confidence that the course gave us to trust ourselves to make the best decisions for the baby as we went along.

     It was a very difficult couple of days, as we realized that the birth was not going to occur as we had wished or planned and as we became more and more tired. Charles especially appreciated the course for the confidence that it gave him to be able to accompany me during the process and to be strong.

     I am sending along a picture of the baby. We are all doing very well and feel that we were able to make the best decisions possible that allowed us to have a healthy and happy baby.

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