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Diana’s Birth Story – Baby Antony, born July 12, 2004
Diana emphasizes the importance of breathing in her labour that went more quickly than expected!

     Yogaspace - Pregnancy Yoga - Birth StoriesParenthood is unlike anything I expected, but a lot of fun. You really need a sense of humour, I've found - especially when trying to deal with diaper accidents at 4am! But it's wonderful. But time goes by so quickly. Antony is already 3 weeks old!!! And the whole labour and delivery, so vivid at the time is fading into memory.

     The whole thing was so unexpectedly quick and unlike anything anyone else had described that I didn't believe it was really happening until they started to tell me to push. I was all ready with music, massage techniques, popsicles, heat packs, my ball... and I didn't get to use any of it!

     What did work was breathing!!! I don't know that it was really ocean-sounding or toning, but consciously breathing fully into my whole body seemed to work. That and towards the end, visualizing pushing colours/energy out of me into the ground (which during classes I thought would be the last thing to work for me).

     I woke up about 3am Sunday night, slept off and on until the morning, then had "cramps" every so often during the day. I got the laundry done and picked up some books from the library, but finally decided I was tired of having to get up and fill my water glass myself every half hour, so called Joseph at work and told him nothing was happening, but to come home anyways.

     Waiting for him I started to get really nauseous and finally threw up a couple of times. But I still insisted it was false labour and didn't want to get to the hospital too early. I didn't know this was a sign of labour until I called my mother who suggested we go to the hospital. I finally agreed just because I thought I might not make the 15min. ride if the vomiting got worse!

     Got to the hospital at just after 4pm and the rest is a blur. I know someone offered an epidural, but I said I was fine. Then all of a sudden we were in a delivery room and I really needed to push and the doctor was there. At that point (thinking there were still hours to go) I asked for an epidural. They told me it was too late and the baby was almost there! They say the pushing stage was about an hour, but it really didn't feel that long. It was just breath after breath until all the pain just ended.

      So it all basically happened the way I wanted it too, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway if things had been different. I was just so happy to have a healthy baby, and not much trauma to me!

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