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Haniya’s Birth Story — Baby Rohaan, born November 2, 2004
Haniya’s husband Raj recounts the unfolding of her labour… and the essential role of their doula in supporting them both.

Yogaspace - Pregnancy Yoga - Birth Stories     My Wife, Haniya had every thing planned out; she was going to stop working for two weeks before the expected date, Nov 2nd; she was going to setup the stuff needed for the baby in the last two weeks; she was a workaholic.

     First Monday after stopping work she calls me and let me know that her mucous plug has come out. Luckily we had the doctor’s appointment the same day and we were informed to be ready, time has come and that she will deliver in the next 24hrs. The clock had started ticking.

     She had called our doula earlier during the day on Monday to advise her of going into labor at any time. I, looking for support, called her at 9 PM when Haniya’s contractions were 10 minutes apart. She was there in 30 minutes. My brave wife had made plans to stay at home as long as she can. We left for the hospital at 5:00am to avoid rush hour.

     All during this time at home, our doula had provided amazing support with lots of breathing exercises and back massages from her which gave me comfort to stay at ease and relaxed without getting frustrated for not being able to communicate with my wife.

     Again my wife had planned to stay away from epidural to try to deliver baby in pain. Our doula supported the plan and encouraged her. Our first visit from Doctor X told us not to be so brave and take the epidural sooner than later. Our doula brushed the doctor and said thanks but no thanks. During the next 12 hours she provided ideas for Haniya to take a hot shower and try other alternatives before taking epidural. She was great. By then Haniya had reached to 5cms. She could not take the pain any longer and started hurting me purposely to reduce the pain by poking her nails into my skin. I asked her why do you do that….she just looked at me with big angry eyes and ‘Get me the epidural!!’. Our doula tried to put it off.

     I told my wife to look into my eyes and ask gently…. in return she grabbed my neck, looked into my eyes with a look I have never seen and asked for final time get her epidural or else. How was I or the doula to stop her…. Doctor X was in and out during these 12 hours suggesting epidural. I was enjoying the interaction (the war of will) between these two. Alas, our doula finely accepted defeat and we ordered epidural. The moment became tense when Haniya contaminated the needle. We had to start all over again. The moment became even more tense when the doctor said he was trying to be more careful because Haniya’s small size (she is 4’11’’). The moment passed without any incident. Within 15 minutes, Haniya became normal and started joking with me, our doula and doctors.

     Just when every thing started going smoothly, we had visitors – my in-laws. I had conveniently forgotten to inform any family members that we are going to hospital. I had to start looking after my wife inside the room and my in-laws out side the room. My mother in-law started to take the charge making the doula uncomfortable. My wife had much easier time with the doula than her mother. I had to start looking after the doula, my mother-in-law and my wife’s interaction. (My advice….Not to get involved with the family but stay with the doula because we did not have to worry about offending her in any way.)

     For the next couple of hours, we went through an emotional ride due to some infection and rise of Haniya’s temperature (since at the time of rupturing the membrane, the meconium had come out). We took her off of the epidural around 9:00pm and started pushing at 9:30pm. Our doula helped Haniya to touch the baby’s head that was just coming out. Within 30 minutes and 3 big pushes our “King Rohaan” was born at 10:06pm. My wife had a wonderful experience thanks to our doula and the well trained, supportive Hospital staff.

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