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Kathy’s Birth Story — Baby Noah, born October 15, 2006
Baby Noah was born by ceasarian delivery at the Royal Victoria Hospital. Kathy shares the details of her labour, and the joyful, precious result!

     On Friday, October 13th contractions started in the afternoon. I was so ready to have the baby, as it was one day past my due date and I was expecting a large baby.

     I took walks, updated my husband via the phone and generally tried to relax. As the day progressed the contractions got a bit stronger, but nothing that major. My husband and I took a walk when he got home early from work, and we were so excited and scared.

     I decided that evening to sleep in our spare bedroom, so that as the contractions became more intense, I could leave my husband to sleep. I figured at least one of us should get some rest. About 6 in the morning on Saturday, I woke Daniel up and asked if we could take a walk together. My contractions at that point were about 13 minutes apart. I was hoping that walking would help move things along.

     Weirdly, my contractions started being spaced even further apart during the walk. Around 11 am my water broke and my contractions stopped.

     I called my doula, Jo, and informed her of where we were. She came over, we had some lunch and went to the Royal Vic.

     I was 4 cm dilated. As my contractions had stopped, they wanted to put me on pitocin. I wasn't thrilled with that, but as soon as the drip started, the contractions started back up.

     I was using the ocean breath and vocal toning as the contractions became more intense; I have to admit I didn't enjoy the pitocin, but the vocal toning and breathing really helped. I labored that way for about 6 hours more, but my labor didn't progress past 7 cm, and the baby didn't drop past -2 station. Also, the baby was becoming stressed.

     My doctor advised on an epidural to see if that would allow the baby to drop and the labor to progress, so I took the epidural. After another few hours, the doctor informed me that a Cesarean delivery would probably be necessary to delivery a healthy baby; I could either try for a few more hours and see what would happen, or have a Cesarean, but that the baby was getting more and more stressed.

     While my original hope was to avoid using intervention, when faced with the possibility that the baby could be in trouble, it was an easy decision to make with the C-delivery! We went into the operating room, and Noah was born at 1 am on Sunday, October 15. At 9 lbs 4 oz, he was a big beautiful boy.

     I have never been so happy to meet someone in my life!

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