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Natalie's Birth Story – Baby Callum, born October 4, 2005
Natalie wanted to stay at home as long as possible, so went to the hospital only when she needed to. On the way there she used her vocal toning breathing and when she arrived she was already 8 cm dilated! Not long after, baby Callum completed his journey into this world...

Yogaspace - Pregnancy Yoga - Birth Stories     My labour went exceptionally well - I couldn't believe it!

     Monday, October 3rd, I started feeling a little bit achy in the late morning. I had had this a few days before so I was not sure whether this was it or not. By 5 pm, I started feeling that I was getting some mild contractions that were coming pretty regularly. I called Bill and said- I think this is it but don't rush home, it's just early labour at this point.

     At 7 pm, Bill and I made dinner together and talked about how to proceed, we decided, we should get a movie and go to bed and that sometime in the night/morning would be when active labour would begin. At 9pm we went to the video store- I was feeling the pain getting more intense but I still didn't feel the need to do any breathing.

     At 10 pm, we were watching the movie and I got up and said, the pain is getting bad, I'm not enjoying the movie, I'm going to take a bath. I stayed in the bath for over an hour and the pain was getting pretty bad at times but I still didn't know what stage of labour I was in because I was having intense contractions and then mild contractions and they were not coming at regular intervals I didn't know whether to count between just the intense ones or any contraction.

     After my bath, I laid on the bed doing breathing with Bill- I still thought it was too early to try any yoga positions and I was really comfortable lying on the bed!

     Around 1 pm, my water broke, I had spoken to the doula about staying home as long as possible. When I called her, she thought that active labour was just really beginning and she suggested that I stay home and wait for her. I knew it was time to get to the hospital so I told the doula to meet me there.

     On the way to the hospital I was in a lot of pain and was doing the vocal toning at this point, which must have looked very strange to the people on the street as we passed- the windows were down in the car cause I needed the fresh air and I was oohing and aaahing really loudly.

     When I got to the hospital it was about 2am and the resident came in to examine me and said that I was between 7-8 cm dilated. The doula showed up, she was great, she really knew where to massage me during contractions and this made a big difference. Bill had to go downstairs 3 times for the car, registering us, and then getting me a new card because there was a mistake in my name, so had the doula not been there I would have been left alone for some of the transition phase and the beginning of the pushing.

     By 3am my doctor came in and said that I was ready to push, and at 4:37 am, Callum was born!

     I really felt prepared for my labour and I was able to I breath through every contraction and I didn't need an epidural- as much as I told myself before going into labour that I didn't want to have an epidural, at the back of my mind I was so sure that I was going to give in during labour and have one. Fortunately, there wasn't much time to contemplate it!

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