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yoga centers
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health
Located in the town of Lenox near Tanglewood in the Berkshire hills of Western Massachusetts, Kripalu is the largest center for yoga and holistic health in the US.
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Omega is one of the largest holistic learning centers in North America. Omega embraces a variety of traditions and approaches, offering a wide array of yoga and holistic workshops, retreats, and conferences.
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yoga publications

Yoga Internationalascent magazine
Ascent magazine is a quarterly journal of yoga and meditation… Elegant, engaging and inspiring, ascent's goal is to explore what it means to be truly human, think deeply and live a meaningful life in today’s world.
Recognized as a leader in spiritual coverage, ascent explores the social, ethical and practical applications of yoga practice in daily life.
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Yoga Journal
Yoga Journal is your guide to more healthful living, and is published seven times a year. Stretch your body, mind and soul with Yoga Journal.
Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced practitioner of yoga, you'll find plenty of useful information, aligned with your needs, in every issue, including applications of yoga to everyday life (e.g., relationships, social issues, livelihood, etc.); Nutrition and diet, cooking, and natural skin and body care.
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Yoga International
Dedicated to bringing authentic information on the practice of yoga in our contemporary world. Contains articles on meditation, personal growth, and holistic health for cultivating a balanced lifestyle that acknowledges our need to integrate body, mind, and spirit.
Authentic and in-depth, every bimonthly issue of Yoga International invites you to share in a unique holistic perspective — an opportunity to understand the teachers, traditions, and natural forces that let yoga's practitioners live healthy and happy lives.
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