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Often after class, someone will ask about the music that was playing. The following is a list of the most asked-after music among those attending Yogaspace classes. Some of it is easy to find (try Amazon or iTunes) – others you may have to Google and special order.

For Relaxation or Meditation
  • Sacred Chants of Devi Mother Divine,  Artist: Craig Pruess

  • Om: The Reverberation of Source,  Artist: M.C. Cannon (Synchronicity Foundation)

  • Raku,  Artist: PC Davidoff & Friends

  • A Touch of Grace: Bamboo Flute Meditations,  Artist: Jonathan Foust

  • Om Svaha,  Artist: Mercury Max

  • Universal Om, Artist: Patrick Torre

For Movement

  • The Mystik Dance,  Artist: El Hadra

  • Shamanic Dream vols. 1 & 2,  Artist: Anugama

  • Returning,  Artist: Jennifer Berezan


  • Door of Faith,  Artist: Krishna Das

  • Grace,  Artist: Snatam Kaur

  • Mantra,  Artist: Jane Winther

  • The Essence,   Artist: Deva Premal  (Visit our special Deval Premal page for more information and free downloads.)

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