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Deepening Your Yoga Practice with Pranayama
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Ancient Map of the Nadis Pranayama, the practice of ancient yogic breathing techniques, consciously controls the flow of breath, and thus enhances the flow of energy in the body. A regular, balanced pranayama practice increases prana (life energy), thereby inviting greater mental clarity, heightened healing potential and deeper self-understanding. Pranayama, like other yogic practices, is about being more fully alive and well, and is a particularly helpful in the preparation for meditation.

This workshop will provide instruction and practice of pranayama techniques that you can integrate into your current practice.

In this workshop, you will:
• learn and practice various pranayama techniques including kapalabhati, anuloma viloma, shitali and aum pranayamas;
• understand the basics of the yogic philosophy behind pranayama;
• learn how to engage the bandhas in your pranayama practice;
• practice the integration of pranayama within a complete asana series, followed by your choice of either meditation or relaxation.

Each participant will receive a detailed, illustrated handout to bring home for future reference.

This workshop is open to students of yoga who have had an established, regular practice for at least one year.

Clearlight Gerald

Registration Details
Enrollment is limited, please register early to secure a space. Workshop fee must be received within one week of your registration to reserve your space. Workshop fees are refundable only if your space can be filled.


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Contact Clearlight for more information or to register, by email or by phone (514) 933-8671.

"This workshop was a truly transformative and inspiring experience. The concepts were explained very well - from philosophy, to mechanics, to techniques. I hope to share what I learned with my students in the future and to continue to refine my own practice with enhanced pranayama."
Valerie Kohos (yoga teacher in training)

"The work on breathing techniques in Clearlight's pranayama workshop helped to deepen my yoga practice, both in my asana work and meditation, and the effects also flowed into my daily life, helping me to reduce stress levels and improve overall relaxation."
Paul Century

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