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Yoga Core: Developing stability and strength to add safety and depth to your yoga postures

By learning and applying principles of core strength and stability to a yoga practice, common injuries are not only avoided but the stage is set for deepening yoga postures from a place of strength and balance. The roots of many common limitations and injuries in yoga (sore backs, shoulders, hips, etc) often come from a lack of awareness and ability to properly engage core muscle groups, thereby leaving the joints and spine unsupported and vulnerable. Only by establishing a firm foundation of strength, stability and balance can one safely enjoy playing the “edge” in yoga, both exploring individual possibilities and respecting individual limitations.

Susan Knight, CCS, CPRS, Rehabilitation & Exercise Consultant, integrates the principles of biomechanics, functional stability training and pilates in her approach that teaches the essentials of balance, stability, strength and postural awareness using the swiss ball. Clearlight Gerald, MA, E-RYT, a Kripalu yoga teacher, integrates principles of core stability in her practice and teaching to ensure that principles of safety and alignment are respected. In this workshop, Susan and Clearlight draw from their different backgrounds to bring an in-depth examination of how students of yoga can integrate the principles of stabilization training to the practice of certain key asanas. The workshop will give students an opportunity to build a deeper awareness of their own bodies and to identify areas and techniques that require future awareness and development.

This workshop will include:

• an experiential review of the anatomy of the “core” (including abdominal and back muscles)

• practice, theory and discussion of certain core stabilization/strengthening techniques as they relate to specific postures

• a flow of yoga postures led to incorporate the principles presented in the workshop

Handouts (with photos) will be provided to bring home.

Should have familiarity with yoga postures, workshop is open to both beginning and experienced yoga enthusiasts. Should you have any acute injuries this workshop may not be for you. Please contact Clearlight with any questions about the workshop.

Susan Knight and Clearlight Gerald

Contact Clearlight for more information or to register, by e-mail or by phone (514) 933-8671.


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"This was a very beneficial course. It helped me specifically pinpoint ideal positions and what each important/engaged part of my body should be doing to achieve maximum stability."
- Robin Thornton

"One of the best workshops I've taken. Directly related to a yoga practice. There is a clear relationship between theory and practice."
- Kathleen Perry

"Very helpful and enlightening! The workshop brings a wider understanding of core muscles and strengthening. The personal attention is priceless!"
- Julie Boyer

"A wonderful experience with very helpful comments and demonstrations on how to increase your core strength. Both Susan and Clearlight are very giving and encouraging."
- Filomena Falocco

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